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The Flight of The Creative Class

The Flight of The Creative Class

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The 2006 follow-up to The Rise of the Creative Class takes the argument to the next level. Arguing that this global competition for creative talent will be the defining economic issue of the 21st century. On this front, the United States may already be losing its traditional lead. What made the U.S. an economic superpower, Florida argues, was not its factories or raw materials or even military might alone – but the people it attracted to its shores from around the world. Now, in the wake of 9/11, there are ominous signs indicating that attractiveness may be waning.

Beyond just the United States, Florida’s sweeping look at how regions and nations around the world are adapting to the global creative economy holds valuable lessons for anyone interested in the future of economic growth and prosperity. A wake-up call to business, political, and cultural leaders alike, Flight weaves these issues together in the sort of macro-level analysis that will truly affect the way Florida’s audiences view the world around them.

As always, Florida’s forecast is not all doom and gloom, but offers strategies for the U.S. to regain its creative lead in the world economy. Finding ways to mitigate gross inequality, harness the creativity of all human beings, take on political polarization, and retain the traditional openness of American society to international influence will all be crucial to the success – or failure – of the United States.

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