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  • “I was very influenced by the work around the creative class, Richard Florida…”
    Hillary Clinton
  • “He’s a very smart demographer, a visionary, a creative.  He looks at data in a way that no one else does.”
    John Hickenlooper
    Governor of Colorado
  • “You are a true friend and thought leader and your professionalism is exceptionally powerful.  On behalf of Jerusalem, thank you!”
    Nir Barkat
    Mayor of Jerusalem
  • “Richard Florida is the greatest American urbanist of our time.”
    Eric Garcetti
    Mayor of Los Angeles
  • “The [UK] government (David Cameron’s) New Guru.”
    Economist Magazine
  • “Most influential urbanist alongside Jane Jacobs, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.”
  • “The Rise of the Creative Class was both a book and a movement.”                                              20 Moments From The Past 20 Years That Moved The Whole World Forward
    Fast Company
  • “… his ideas have influenced state and city governments, city mayors, multinational corporations, property developers, chief executives and urban planners.”
    Nick Leech
    The National
  • “Richard Florida is perhaps the leading urban theorist of our time.”
    Mark Jones
    British Airways High Life Magazine
  • “… few urban theorists have influenced urban policy-makers as much as Richard Florida.”
    Alan Davies
    The Urbanist
  • “Your voice is an important part of the conversation.”
    Christopher Dodd
    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Former Senator
    Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
  • “Richard Florida is the great pioneer thinker who first explained  how the influx of creative people was reviving cities.”
    Walter Isaacson
  • “Florida has been tremendously influential among local elected officials and economic development organizations, especially in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world.”
    Jim Throgmorton
    Iowa City Press Citizen
  • “Thank-you for coming all the way to speak at our London Conference yesterday. It was a spellbinding session and really rounded off the day provoking thought and exciting people about the possibility of change.”
    Jess Tyrrell
    Deputy Director, Communications
    Centre for London
  • “Richard Florida has had an impact on every city in the world.”
    Elaine Mariner
    Executive Director
    Colorado Creative Industries
  • “…we have no doubt that your mesmerizing speech and impressive insights contributed tremendously to the success of the event and made an impact on the audience.”
      Orly Shani, Lilach Tsairi-Kahanov and the entire Oscar4b team
  •   Richard Florida cited alongside Bill Gates of Microsoft and Reid Hoffman of  LinkedIn Corporation as one of the most powerful people with powerful statements in “Eight Shocking Quotes from 2012 that will Redefine Our Future”
    Thomas Frey
    The Futurist
  • “It was fantastic to listen to Richard…the performance not only fulfilled our expectations but opened a new stage of inspirations for our Ministry to work on the development of regions.”
    Patrycja Artymowska
    Office of President
    Poland Ministry of Regional Development
  • “Your substantive insights on ‘Creative Cities and Urban Development Reform’ contributed greatly to the deliberations at the Conference.”
    Toshihiro Tanaka
    Country Director
    United Nations Development Program
  • Foreign Policy top 100 Tweeters
    Foreign Policy
  • Time’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds
  • Worlds Most Influential Thinker
    MIT Technology Review
  • One of Top Web-Savvy Professors in 2012
    Best Online Universities LLC
  • #1 Thought Leader 2012, Thought Leader Index
    GDI Think Tank
  • One of “The 100 Most Influential Urbanists”
  • Top Professors on Twitter
    LDRLB, Leadership, Innovation & Strategy
  • “An urban-development expert…His ideas about revitalizing cities by attracting artists and high-tech workers have influenced a generation of urban planners.”
    Andrea Sachs
  • “…he’s changed the framework for discussing social and economic inequality.”
    Herbert Muschamp
    New York Times, Year in Review
  • “I’m very inspired by what Richard was saying, it means so much to live in a vibrant growing city.”
    Nelly Furtado
    Grammy Award Winning Singer
  • “Richard Florida is the thought leader of the ‘Future Cities’ movement that is redefining global real estate.”
    Claer Barrett
    Property Week
  • “……Florida’s work is challenging many of the verities of the field.”
  • “…a pioneering cartographer of talent.”
    Fast Company
  • “Never before have I seen anyone capture so succinctly the values and desires of the new ‘creative class’ and the essence of human capital and the creative ethos.”
    John Seely Brown
    Former Director, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and co-author of The Social Life of Information
  • “The creative-capital theory turned out – at least after preliminary testing – to provide the best explanation for Austin’s high-tech transformation.”
    New York Times
  • “Florida’s research and experiences over the past decade have given him the foundation on which to build a new view of business reality…”
    Herbert Muschamp
  • “Florida draws a vivid picture of what it takes to make a great 21st-century city.”
    Denver Post
  • “…Richard Florida, maybe the most famous living public intellectual…”
    Townhouse Center
  • “Cuts to the core what mindsets and skills are necessary to professionally and socially make one’s way in the 21st century…”
    O’Dyer’s PR Daily
  • “Richard Florida … best-selling author and guru of the ‘creative class,’”
    Foon Rhee
    Associate editor
    The Sacramento Bee
  • “International diplomats, government leaders, filmmakers, economic development organizations and leading Fortune 100 businesses have benefited from his global approachto problem-solving and strategy development.  ‘”
    North Carolina Department of Commerce Editorial Staff
    North Carolina Department of Commerce
  • “In my opinion, there is no one else who generates more and more valuable insights concerning the evolution of the U.S. culture than does Richard Florida.”
    First Friday Book Synopsis
  • “…a truly impressive roll-call of experts and entertainers, authors and auteurs: John Irving on advice to aspiring novelists; Chris Anderson on the power of the consumer; Eliot Spitzer on redemption; Ariana Huffington on what keeps her up at night (“that we are the next Pompeii”), Richard Florida on urban theory.”
    Kevin Roberts
    CEO Worldwide
    Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Richard Florida Recipient of an Honourary Doctorate
    Mr. Paul Van Cauwenberghe
    Principal of the Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium.
  • “Dr Richard Florida, one of the most respected academics in the field of ‘creative cities’…”
    Stuart Cosgrove
    The Sunday Times
  • “Your session was just outstanding.”
    Victoria Alekhine, Deputy Director, Fellowship Affairs
    Council on Foreign Relations
  • “Thrilled you will be speaking today at the Goals conference. Your insights will be so important.”
    Matt Haggman, Program Director
    John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  • “Bill O’Neill, chairman of the Economic Development Council…described Florida as the ‘leading light’ of creativity”
    Laura Layden
    Naples Daily News
  • “Richard Florida, director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and author of The Rise of the Creative Class (among other books) is the leading guru of the creative economy.”
    Sean Kelly Keenan
    Eye weekly
  • “I have been a fan of Richard’s thought leadership for quite a while.”
    Larry O’Brien
    City of Ottawa
  • “The event went very well and we received great feedback from participants. We were very fortunate to be able to have him come speak.”
    Shelton Fitch
    Research Associate, U.S. Competitiveness and Foreign Policy
    Council on Foreign Relations
  • “Today’s hottest thought leader(s)…author and cultural anthropologist Richard Florida”
    Mitch Joel
    Vancouver Sun
  • “I had to write to thank you for sharing your time, expertise and passion for creativity with us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated being able to learn with you and I wished we had more of an opportunity to engage in a discussion. Clearly, your influence carried on well into the afternoon session.”
    Barry Bickerton
    Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  • “Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper has long been a fan of Florida’s.”
    John Rebchook
    Inside Real Estate News
  • “…we are strong supporters of your work…”
    Ben Myers
    Office of the Lord Mayor
    Brisbane, Australia
  • “…Richard Florida, the ‘Creative Economy’ guru…”
    David Brewster
  • “The lecture was truly outstanding.”
    James Spaniolo
    University of Texas at Arlington
  • “Richard speaks about cities very brilliantly.”
    Jacques Attali
    Former Advisor to Francois Mitterrand
    Asia Pacific Cities Summit
  • “I am a fan of Richard Florida and have been following his work for the last three decades.”
    Campbell Newman
    Lord Mayor of Brisbane
    Asia Pacific Cities Summit
  • “Florida, who is considered one of the world’s leading intellectuals, is the author behind the best-seller ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’…”
    Yoo Jee-ho
    JoongAng Daily – South Korea
  • “Richard Florida is the pioneering figure in urban creative theory.”
    Ahn Sang-soo
    Incheon, Korea
  • “…Richard has ranked highly in our poll of the Top 100 Urban Thinkers, at #29.”
    Tim Halbur
  • “…Richard Florida, author of the bestselling book ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’ and a renowned expert on urban renewal and the arts.”
    John Pitcher
    Omaha World-Herald
  • “Florida – the author of bestselling The Rise of the Creative Class and Who’s Your City? – is one of the world’s leading public intellectuals on economic competitiveness, demographic trends and cultural and technological innovation.”
    Real Estate Channel
  • “Richard’s presentation at our Annual General Meeting was both powerful and inspirational. Community and business leaders left the meeting with renewed passion for building a strong knowledge-based economy in our city.”
    Michael Power
    Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute
  • “The Conference Board of Canada calls them ‘drivers of national prosperity’…economists such as Richard Florida have celebrated their vital role in fostering creativity, innovation and trade.”
    Andrew Coyne
  • “Richard Florida is one of the brightest men out there, as he is not only a best selling author and professor, but is also the founder of Creative Class Group, a company that creates new trends in business and the community.”
    Trendhunter Magazine
  • “Your speech at Columbia College Chicago was insightful, thought provoking and wonderful! We have received rave reviews and a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our students and guests.”
    Diana Cazares
    Director of Event Operations
    Columbia College Chicago
  • “…gurus like Richard Florida, who has popularized the idea of the “creative class”…”
    Francis Fukuyama
    New York Times
  • “…the best-selling author’s brief stop in Naples on Wednesday has left its mark. His words have inspired community and business leaders and left them thinking about how to achieve what he calls the three ‘Ts’ for economic growth: technology, talent and tolerance .”
    Laura Layden
    Naples Daily News
  • “…the government will take the advice of economist Dr. Richard Florida whose studies noted the more-creative mega-regions are the more prosperous.”
    Laurie Watt
    Barrie Advance
  • “Richard Florida is one of the most famous authors (‘The Rise of the Creative Class’) and speakers in the world for innovative thinking and progress — and profit.”
    Naples Daily News
  • “Richard was amazing! Columbia College was overjoyed with the reception he received, and completely overwhelmed with how wonderful he was.”
    Crystal Lisbon
    The Lavin Agency
  • “…Richard Florida, educator, researcher, global best selling author, sought after speaker, and noted urban theorist…is among the foremost experts in economy building.”
    Economic Development Council of Collier County
  • “Richard Florida is a phenomenon… there is no academic quite like him…”
    Joe Berridge
    The Globe and Mail
  • “Richard Florida is a one-man think tank and go-to guru for companies in need of a creative jolt.”
    Brad Hatch
    The Australian Financial Review
  • “Florida-social theorist, geographer, urban planner and guru of the globalization debate…”
    Larissa Dubecki
    The Age
  • “…thought-provoking intellectual Richard Florida…”
    Patrick S. Duffy
    LA Times
  • “…Florida spins a new way of looking at our place in the world today.”
    Tracy Certo
    Pop City
  • “’Creative Class’ guru Richard Florida…”
    Tobin Harshaw
    The New York Times
  • “How Toronto fell head over heels for an American urbanist named Florida.”
    Mike Miner
    Toronto Life
  • Richard Florida “… has achieved superstar status in the fields of social theory and economic development over the past six years …”
    David Hawkins
    Times & Transcript
  • “Thanks so much for speaking to the mayors today. Very insightful and valuable – as usual.”
    Mayor Greg Fischer
    City of Louisville, Kentucky
  • “…Florida is an authoritative and entertaining observer. He pulls together many of the things we see around us in high street and housing markets into an illuminating narrative of demography and urban and economic development.”
    John Gapper
    The Financial Times
  • “Richard Florida has provided extraordinary insight into one of the most poorly understood problems facing the international community today.”
    Carl Schramm
    President and CEO
    The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  • “Richard Florida sounds a wake-up call for companies that thrive on the creativity of their employees, customers, and communities.”
    Jim Goodnight
    founder and CEO
    SAS, a leading business intelligence software company that is consistently ranked among America’s best places to work.
  • “Florida’s research and experiences over the past decade have given him the foundation on which to build a new view of business reality…”
  • “The feedback from Richard’s speech is overwhelmingly positive and he was an important component of a very successful Global Marketing Summit.”
    Elliott S. Feigenbaum
    Director, Speakers-U.S. and International; Entertainment-International
    Jack Morton Worldwide
  • “…listening to a living classic of Economy and Sociology speaking live is a tremendous experience for the young and bright men and women and I am sure it has left a deep imprint in their minds and hearts.”
    Mamonov Mikhail
    Federal Agency on Youth Affairs
    Government of the Russian Federation
  • “The launch of Markham’s Economic Strategy was a huge success, thanks in no small measure to Richard’s remarkable speech.”
    Stephen Chait
    Town of Markham
  • “I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your presentation at the League of CA Cities Conference. It was excellent.”
    Suzanne Mason
    City of Long Beach
  • “Richard’s presentation was fantastic…”
    Julian Armour
    Director, Celebridée
    The Canadian Tulip Festival
  • “…it was very impressive to see how the audience was fascinated by his energetic speech.”
    Takae Suzuki
    Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
  • “We have heard nothing but positive feedback about Richard’s speech. He really inspired our audience!”
    Jenny Hart
    Midtown Alliance, Atlanta
  • “…thanks to Richard for such a great event. Our guests have been just raving about Richard-we will definitely need to invite him back.”
    Sharon Rudy
    Spencer Stuart
  • “…Dr. Richard Florida, widely regarded as one of the most influential scholars on the shift to the new knowledge economy…”
    Lina Deng Ni Lai
  • “… your speech was inspiring and motivational.”
    Oh Se-hoon
    Mayor of Seoul
  • “Richard Florida can be counted among the great prophets of our age.”
    Nicholas F. Benton
    Falls News Church Press
  • “…world leader in urban thinking …”
    Ottawa Citizen
  • “Florida is a witty and entertaining writer…”
    Richard Pachter
    The Miami Herald
  • “Richard Florida …guru to a generation of young city planners and urbanist developers.”
  • “…Dr. Richard Florida, widely regarded as one of the most influential scholars…”
  • “[Mayor Daley of Chicago]…clearly shares the theory, expounded in Richard Florida’s 2002 book ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’, that cities must attract people whose livelihoods involve imagination and innovation.”
    Dan Mihalopoulos
    The New York Times
  • “… HITACHI Technology Forum was a big success. It was a great speech by Dr. Florida with a full audience…”
    Tomoko Uchida
    Diamond, Inc.
  • “…Richard Florida, one of the best-known writers about the creative economy…”
    New Brunswick Business Journal
  • “…Richard Florida, one of the world’s leading intellectuals on economic competitiveness, demographic trends, and cultural and technological innovation…”
    Duluth News Tribune
  • “Richard Florida, one of the most thoughtful writers and thinkers about entrepreneurial communities…”
    Fast Company
  • “Richard Florida, the ‘creative class’ guru…”
    Hamilton Spectator
  • “Richard Florida, an expert on social and economic trends…”
    Nin-Hai Tseng
    CNN Fortune
  • “Thanks to Richard our Fresno event was a huge success! Richard’s presentation was certainly a successful showcase event for our national conference. We have received rave reviews. More importantly, the presentation has been the catalyst for many engaging conversations among the presidents and community leaders.”
    Lynnette Zelezny, Ph.D., M.B.A.
    Associate Dean, Craig School of Business
    California State University, Fresno
  • “The government’s new guru.”
    The Economist
  • “Florida is in fact a true visionary…you get to learn every time you’re with him.”
    Kirk Watson
    State Senator
  • “Richard Florida, one of the world’s leading intellectuals on economic competitiveness…”
    Duluth News Tribune
  • “Top 10 Economists on Twitter”
    Tim Harford
  • “…’the Bono of urban philosophers’…”
    Steelcase 360
  • “Fast Company Leadership Hall of Fame”
    Fast Company
  • Honorary Degree from Niagara University
    Lewiston, NY
  • Honorary degree from Columbus College of Art and Design
    Columbus, Ohio
  • Named one of Design Futures Council 2011 Senior Fellows
    Design Intelligence
  • “…Richard Florida, one of the world’s leading public intellectuals on economic competitiveness…”
  • “The ERSA conference …has been a success. This result could not have been achieved without your participation and commitment with the European Regional Science Association and the Local Organizing Committee.”
    Vicente Royuela
    Local Organizing Committee
  • “Notwithstanding all that Democratic intellectuals such as Richard Florida have written about the party’s future lying with sophisticated knowledge workers, these people fall outside the president’s field of vision.”
    Daniel Henninger
    The Wall Street Journal
  • “I am absolutely confident that your presentation was not only a rich source of new and valuable information, but that it sparked a great many interesting conversations and thoughts…”
    Yong-geun Kim
    Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
  • “…he forever shifted the lens through which we see the tectonic shifts in our economy and society.”
    Jon Talton
    The Seattle Times
  • “…urban development guru…”
    Will Chabun
    Regina Leader-Post
  • “He is a truly brilliant social scientist and great thinker.”
    Campus Entrepreneurship
  • “RICHARD FLORIDA… is a renowned academic and urban guru. ”
    Toronto Savvy
  • “For policymakers and city planners in Australia and elsewhere, Florida’s work seemed to be a blueprint for urban regeneration and smart, sustainable industries. ”
    Matthew Westwood
    The Australian
  • “…to his legions of acolytes, Florida has been the prophet and standard-bearer of an undeniable urban turnaround…”
    Andres Viglucci
    The Miami Herald
  • One of the world’s top professors in their Twitter writing about leadership, innovation and strategy.
  • Leadership Hall of Fame
    Kevin Ohannessian
    Fast Company
  • “Since publishing his best-selling book on the creative class 10 years ago, Richard Florida has become the most sought-after expert on economic development in the country — and with good reason.”
    Sean Maher
    Daily Camera
  • “I routinely hear Richard Florida’s name invoked today by area business leaders trying to raise the economic (and education) bar.”
    Robert Trigaux
    Tampa Bay Times
  • “Richard Florida has become a household name in urbanist circles…His ideas about the creative economies of urban places has changed the way many leaders think about economic development and human capital.”
    Columbus Underground
  • Top 20 Leaders in Urbanization
    Claer Barrett
    UBM’s Future Cities
  • ”Professsor Richard’s speech was excellent, Richard’s super fans and scholars from Chinese creative industry especially enjoyed it. We are so honoured to invite Prof. Richard to this event as his presence contributed a lot to our success.”
    Sherry Xue
    Shanghai Design Week
  • ”Outstanding from Richard Florida.”
    Michael Kimmelman
    The New York Times
  • ”Richard is truly a visionary and his message and concepts are so important to all of us.”
    Bill Hill, Dean of the College of Fine Arts
    Jacksonville University
  • ”…Richard Florida…guru when it comes to all things urban and creative…”
    Amy Silverstein
    LA Weekly
  • ”…world-renowned urban studies expert Richard Florida.”
    Global Toronto
  • “Richard Florida is one of the most widely-read urban theorists…”
    Becky McCray
    Pagosa Daily Post
  • “Richard Florida, the brilliant creator of the concept of the creative class…”
    Brad Feld
    Business Insider
  • “Thank you so much for bringing your world class expertise and perspective to the 2013 Detroit Policy Conference.  Your passionate keynote session kicked off the Conference with a positive outlook that energized the rest of the day.”
    Sandy Baruah, President and CEO
    Business Insider
  • “Your presentation was very thought-provoking and is part of a continuing dialogue we are having with the utilities industry regarding their evolving role in urban infrastructure.”
    Garry Spencer, Program Leader, Global IUN Coalition
    IBM Energy & Utilities Industry
  • “Richard continues to write amazing stuff about Startup Communities…”
    Brad Feld
    Business Insider
  • “Florida…an academic rock star…”
    Greg Lindsay
    Fast Company
  • August 2013 Man of the Month
    Disruptive Women in Healthcare
  • Renowned researcher and urban expert
    Lance Williams
    The Tennessean
  • “…the world’s best know urban theorist…”
    Craig White
    Urban Toronto
  • “…our nation’s greatest expert on American urbanism..”
    Alex Runner
    Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  • “Richard Florida…one of the most influential intellectuals in the United States.”
    Marta Marin-Domine
    Barcelona Metropolis
  • “A leading voice in urbanisation and creativity…”
    Shu-Ching Jean Chen
    The Business Times
  • “Thank you for helping to make our 2014 Fiscal Summit a success…your perspective was instrumental…appreciated your inspirational and optimistic message…”
    Peter Peterson
    Peter G. Peterson Foundation
  • “…the first Economic and Social Council Integration Segment…Your expertise and experience contributed in no small measure to its success.”
    Vladimir Drobnjak, Vice President
    Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
  • “…prominent figures such as Richard Florida and a whole host of organizations working behind the scenes to transform American cities.”
    Noah Smith
  • “Roy Williams, president and CEO of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, “we all followed Richard Florida.”
    Urban Milwaukee
  • “In an earlier generation, we had voices like Jane Jacobs who illuminated the importance of American cities.  Today that voice belongs to Richard Florida who understand better than anyone how cities will drive our future, not only in America but around the world.”
    Scott M. Stringer, New York City Comptroller
  • One of 2014 Top Professors on Twitter in Innovation
    David Burkus
  • 100 of the most followed scientists
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • “…thanks for your participation as a speaker at our Fifth Annual Summit …we have received excellent feedback from event attendees…”
    Urban Land Institute
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • “…in science we stand on the shoulders of giants — and here we benefited from your work…instrumental to our thinking…”
    Sheen S. Levine, PhD
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • “I have an intellectual crush on Richard Florida.”
    Daryl Lee, CEO
    Universal McCann Global
  • “Richard was super amazing…. everyone was glued to his comments.”
    Beth Morgan,VP Public Sector Engagement
    eMerge Americas
  • “Florida’s approach to economic development stood the traditional thinking about economic development on its head…”
    David Siegel, Special to QMI Agency Niagara
    Interim Dean of the Faculty of Education and professor of political science at Brock University
  • “…a great partnership, great synergy between Richard¹s message of global cities and Air Canada’s business strategy…”
    Craig Landry, President of the Air Canada Leisure Group
    Air Canada
  • Ranked 15th in the Top 50 Authors
    Total IF Weighted Regional Journal
  • Ranked 27th in the Rankings for Top 100 Authors
    Number of 10 Core Regional Science Journal Publications
  • “…the most prominent public intellectual to move to Toronto in the 21st century…”
    Stefan Novakovic
    Urban Toronto
  • Ranked 14th in Thinkers50 global ranking of management thinkers
  • “Florida, a renowned public intellectual..continues to receive recognition for his work on how a vital ‘creative class’ can jar cities out of economic and cultural stagnation.”
    Christopher Reynolds
    The Star
  • “Richard Florida is a powerhouse thought leader on the subject of cities, and his thoughts on building a community that attracts creative class workers will resonate with our members who are working hard to reshape the Innovation District.”
    Tampa Innovation Alliance
  • “Meeting you was a highlight of the event for me. So impressed by CityLab, the panels, the crowd‹and all you’ve done personally to reimagine and reinvent the Atlantic.”
    Mary Melton, Editor-in-Chief
    Los Angeles magazine
  • “Some three weeks later and I still get notes of congratulation about Startup City: Miami.  Rana, Richard and the entire Atlantic team did such a great job. Incredible!”
    Matt Haggman, Program Director
    John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  • “…we all believed that the Toronto event was a huge success and we would like to continue building on the momentum of Richard’s dialogue on global cities…”
    Denis Vandal, Director – VIP and Commercial Sponsorships
    Air Canada
  • “Richard was so wonderful to work with and we received excellent reviews!!”
    Julie Medley, Executive Director
    ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean
  • “…the nation’s most famous urban studies scholar…”
    Kyle Munzenieder
    Miami New Times
  • “You were beyond terrific!”
    Robert Litan
    Council on Foreign Relations
  • “Richard Florida..inspired cities across the United States…”
    Adam Friedman, Director
    Pratt Center for Community Development
  • “Urbanist Richard Florida popularized the term ‘creative class,’ describing the millions of workers in fields such as the arts, sciences and technology whose work largely involves coming up with new ideas and innovating on old ones. ”
    Christopher Ingraham
    The Washington Post
  • “Corporate executives sound like graduate students after their first reading of ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’ by Richard Florida, an urbanophile intellectual.”
    The Economist
  • “…amazing event…It was a big success!”
    Andrew Bailey, CEO
  • “Fantastic job stimulating discussion!”
    Chris Hart IV, President/CEO
    CareerSource Florida
  • “A world-famous urbanist”
    Max de Haldevang
  • “Thanks for being a great inaugural speaker for the PNC Thought Leaders Series”
    Jim Hoehn, CFA, Regional President
    The PNC Financial Services Group
  • “Your lecture and private conversations….everything actually was very stimulating.”
    Mukund S. Kulkarni, Ph.D., Chancellor
    Penn State University – Harrisburg
  • “By far your presentation is the most favored and discussed…it was provocative.”
    Ana Muñiz
  • “Thank you for touching the lives of over 600 people today.”
    Mary Walshok
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs and Dean of Extended Studies and Pubic Programs and Professor of Sociology, UCSD
  • “Floirda, a whiz at developing metrics…”
    Andres Viglucci
    Miami Herald
  • “You were a superb interlocutor and the P is looking forward to your input going forward…”
    Mary W. Rowe
    Deputy Principal Secretary, Office of the Premier, Ontario, Canada
  • “Thank you Dr. Florida for your talk and leadership with yesterday’s events at Ohio State.   The Lecture and mayoral panel were terrific.  We’ve received so much positive feedback.”
    Janis Browning
    Office of Outreach & Engagement, Ohio State University
  • “I heard you speak this morning, great experience!”
    Deborah Diamond, Ph.D, President
    Campus Philly
  • “An urban planning rock star”
    Jake Blumgart
  • “Our audience was blown away by him!”
    Brynn Primavera
    The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
  • “When Richard Florida, the 21st century urban studies guru, speaks, lots of people listen.”
    Richard White
    Calgary Herald
  • “Perhaps no writer has had a greater impact on the thinking and practice of downtown revitalization than Richard Florida.”
     Andrew M Manshel
    The Place Master
  • “Mr. Florida’s remarks were incredibly thought provoking and meaningful.”
    Cailin Rodgers
    Senior Communications Advisor, Trillium Health Partners
  • “You were amazing (as always) and we heard so much positive feedback from those who attended.”
    Jonathan Bowles
    Executive Director, Center for an Urban Future
  • “We are immensely grateful for your contribution to the success of this conference.”
    Ivo H. Daalder
    President, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • “A delight to have you headline our luncheon…a special treat to have you.”
    MarySue Barrett
    President, Metropolitan Planning Council
  • “Rock-star urbanist”
    Nick Leech
    The National
  • “…a leading voice on all things urban studies…”
    John Battelle
  • “Richard Florida, perhaps America’s foremost and most recognized urbanist.”
    Pete Saunders
  • “One of the world’s leading urbanists.”
    British Land Blog
  • “In his 2002 book, “The Rise of the Creative Class,” Florida both anticipated and helped promote the trends that would come to define the U.S. urban revival in the decade that followed.”
    Noah Smith
    Bloomberg View
  • “Richard Florida is arguably the best-known creativity researcher in the world.”
    Patrick Finn
    National Post
  • “Richard Florida is one of the world’s leading urbanists.”
    Giovanni Cocconi
  • “So grateful to you for helping us to create an exceptional afternoon at the Board of Trade. We thought you shared good chemistry on stage, and you made so many excellent points about the importance of a global hub airport..”
    Hillary Marshall, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Communications
    Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • “Your professional background, expert opinion, and competence in the field of urban development contributed a lot to making this Forum a successful and significant event. Thank you again for being an important part of the Moscow Urban Forum.”
    Denis Boykov
    Chief Executive Officer Moscow Urban Forum
  • “Many thanks for speaking at our Future of Everything Festival…the attendees found your insight and perspective valuable.”
    William Lewis
    Chief Executive Officer, Dow Jones & Co.  Publisher, The Wall Street Journal
  • “WCD seeks to inspire and educate board members and your participation has helped us with this mission. Thank you again for your valuable contribution.”
     Susan Keating
    CEO, WomensCorporateDirectors
  • “Richard’s session has sparked huge discussion and debate within the Academy, in Cork and further afield… this Congress was the biggest and the best, we have had.”
    Jas Atwal
    Congress Curator, The Academy of Urbanism
  • “Feedback has been incredible with an overwhelming opinion that you have been the best speaker yet for our annual meeting!! ”
    Ron Price
    CEO, Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • “Because of you and the ideas you shared, our convening was a terrific success.”
     Greg D’Avignon 
    President and CEO, Business Council of British Columbia
  • “Toronto Life 50 Most Influential Couples”
    Toronto Life
  • “I was so energized by this morning’s conversation. Thank you for including us and allowing us to join you.”
    Kelly Jean Brough
    President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • “Your comments were right on point and very much aligned with our message.  We received a lot of positive feedback about your presentation from our investors who found it both insightful and well delivered.  Personally I thought you were terrific and truly appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts!”
    Scott Rechler
    CEO and Chairman, RXR Realty
  • “Richard Florida is a leading urbanist.”
    Christiane Amanpour
    CNN International
  • “You’re a great urban studies scholar and you helped invent the notion of the Creative Class.”
    Walter Isaacson
    Chairman and CEO of CNN and Managing Editor of Time
  • “On behalf of ULI NY…thanks for your provocative and thoughtful presentation today. You touched on many important issues that all of us in the real estate industry need to be thinking about and working on.”
    Ellen Sinreich
    Principal, The Sinreich Group
  • “Thank you for joining our Redesigning our Cities panel… we are truly grateful to you for sharing your expert insights and thoughts with us.  Feedback from across the forum has been coming in with particular emphasis on the quality of content and speakers. FF is a place to convene, inspire, energize and provoke thoughtfulness and new ideas across our community, only made possible by bringing together groups of experts such as you.”
    Brent Hoberman
    Chairman/Co-Founder, Founders Forum
  • “Thank you so much Richard…You  were fantastic and totally on point!”
    Saskia Miller
    Producer, The Atlantic
  • “Richard Florida deserves due credit for popularizing many current planning trends.”
    James Brasuell and Josh Stephens
  • “Thank you so much for taking the time this afternoon to address America’s mayors. We’ve already received a number of positive comments about your insights and perspective. You have a large fan base!”
    Tom Talbert
    Senior Advisor, Strategy & Innovation,Office of the Mayor, City of Rochester Hills
  • “…very thought provoking, very well developed. You are defining the agenda for how we need to retrofit our cities. It actually leaves me feeling optimist.”
    Gabriel Metcalf
    CEO, Committee for Sydney
  • “I have been looking at many webinars and received a lot of information, but this was for me the most important webinar I have participated in thus far. The reason is because it causes you to think and plan about the reasonable potential and appropriation actions that are necessary to move our communities forward.”
    Edward A. Nelson
    Chairman & President, EANI Consulting, Inc.
  • “Thanks for your completely on point presentation today…and for providing your valuable insight.”
    Mayor Bryan Barnett
    City of Rochester Hills, Michigan
  • “We have some exciting stuff happening in Denver to effectuate our recovery from the era of Covid-19.  Much of our approach is directly attributable to you and the lessons we’ve learned from you.”
    Mayor Michael Hancock
    City of Denver, Colorado
  • “Thank you again! I learned a tremendous amount and our colleagues joined in unprecedented numbers… extraordinary turnout!”
    Mike O’Neill
    U.S. Government Accountability Office
  • “Thank you for participating in our Tenant Talks…your insights were extremely valuable, and we enjoyed your discussions throughout the panel”
    Samantha Hornilla
    Commercial Observer
  • “This might have been our webinar with the most tangible information for our economic developers.”
    Erica Panado
    Program & Policy Associate, International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
  • “We’re receiving rave reviews on Dr. Florida’s presentation.”
    Janet Fritz
    Director, Marketing & Communications, Adams County Colorado
  • “Thank you so much for an outstanding keynote presentation! We are so grateful for the opportunity to connect and for the impact your insights will have on our efforts.”
    Mike Bomar
    Director of Economic Development, Port of Vancouver USA
  • “It was really outstanding and an incredible conclusion to our event. Thank you very much for the partnership and opportunity!”
    Suzanne Dale Estey
    Executive Director,Washington Economic Development Association
  • “Thanks for a great conversation and presentation yesterday.”
    Scott MacLaren
    Managing Director, Stiles Corporation
  • “Thank you so much for the engaging presentation and discussion!  We received excellent comments and know that this conversation sparked some excitement on future regional efforts. ”
    Julie Medley
    Executive Director, ULI Southeast Florida / Caribbean
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