Corporate Advising

The Creative Class group provides corporate partners with the advisory expertise, tools and intelligence to implement competitive strategies for growth in the creative age.  CCG specializes in a wide range of research, strategy and marketing techniques that allow companies to reach the creative class consumer.

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Expertise includes

  • Market and consumer profiles
  • Human capital attraction and retention and management techniques
  • Real estate and locational assessments and impact analysis
  • Site-selection advising
  • Consumer marketing and strategy
  • Thought-leadership branding and affiliation
  • Executive training


  • Market Research and Analysis

    The creative class controls more than 70% of discretionary spending in the marketplace.  They have also been identified as the most educated and demanding consumers in the marketplace.  With more than 40 indicators updated regularly, the Creative Class Group has researched and acquired years of data on who they are, where they are, what they read, what they purchase, and the ethos that drives their decisions.

  • Real Estate and Locational Analysis

    Location factor as a key element of business strategy. Location is not an after-thought; it should be a key component of overall planning and implementation, enabling firms to better attract and retain talent, reach creative consumers, and market products.  CCG advises its corporate clients to identify its best locations and evaluate real estate and locational decisions.

  • Branding and Corporate Positioning

    With more than 30 years of collective marketing expertise among its team members, CCG provides market intelligence, strategy advising and tools to implement successful corporate marketing campaigns.  CCG works with its clients to identify the best avenues—public forums, media, social networks, community blogs, stakeholder meetings—to promote, support and sustain effective branding strategies.

To learn more about CCG’s corporate consulting services, contact Rana Florida (

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