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CCG offers an array of workshops for corporate and public clients, spanning the topics of talent management, diversity, marketing, real estate and leadership development.

Marketing to the Creative Class

From BMW and Apple to Converse and Starwood, firms across industries have identified the Creative Class as a core market for their products and services.  This workshop identifies all the major segments of the Creative Class. Participants come away with both a new understanding of the Creative Class and initiatives that enable them to develop custom strategies for finding, communicating, and selling to this growing customer segment.

Talent Management: Attracting and Retaining the Best and Brightest

The requirements of the Creative Economy, changing expectations of workers, and demographic shifts have caused a serious shortage in workers, resulting in the ‘Talent Wars.’ CCG facilitators distill a framework for how to attract and retain talent and explain which locations offer the best talent pools for innovative and creative workforces. This workshop is aimed at corporate leaders, human resources directors, and those responsible for attracting and retaining the ‘best and the brightest’ to their organizations.

Managing Creativity

Culled from more than two decades of research on leading-edge companies and the insights in Richard Florida and SAS CEO founder Jim Goodnight’s breakthrough Harvard Business Review article, The Creative Management Workshop leads teams of executives and managers through exercises that enable them to develop new thinking and strategic initiatives on managing and inspiring creative people.

Managing Diversity

Most corporate diversity efforts are compliance-driven, adding little to the bottom line. Drawing upon The Rise of the Creative Class and other sources, Florida’s Managing Diversity Workshop provides a framework for making diversity efforts value-adding.


Leveraging Location

CCG’s research identifies location factor as a key element of business strategy. This workshop provides a series of data-driven team-based exercises which will enable your organization to identify the best new locations and get the most out of its existing ones.

Real Estate in the Creative Economy

The increasing concentration of the Creative Class has intensified the variations in locational advantage and disadvantage. Beyond location, the work style and lifestyle of the Creative Class is forcing developers, property managers, and corporations alike to reassess how real estate is designed and used. This workshop distills the key factors that underpin real estate success in the creative age.

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